JESS stands for JEplus Simulation Server. It is a software system we have developed to provide remote simulation support through an online service. When using JESS, the heavy lifting of executing simulation jobs will be carried out on our clusters of high performance computers. This will free you up for other tasks and be productive while waiting for the results. Running simulations with JESS will also return you results quicker in most cases than running them on your own computer. Especially if the acceleration method is used, it can be 5-10 times faster. 

 Remote simulation

Why use online simulation?

Online simulation is an emerging technology for the architectural design and engineering fields. It not only gives you access to abundant and fast computing resources, but also frees up your time to do more creative works while waiting for the results. It is a whole new way of working with models. 

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What is the benefit of using JESS?

JESS has been in development since 2011 and has gone through rigorous testing and trials, totaling over 200 users and 150,000 computing hours. It is now a mature and reliable service, running on our clusters of super fast computers. Using JESS is easy and cost effective. It will give you the technological edge over your competitors, and let you do things that were "impossible" before.

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How do I get started?

JESS is supported by a number of building simulation tools. For example, the latest version of DesignBuilder v4.7 has built-in JESS support for both standard/accelerated simulations and optmisations. You may also download the standalone JESS Client, which will enable you connect to JESS from all sorts of tools such OpenStudio, EP-Launch, Matlab etc. You can start testing and experiencing the service straightaway with the included free trial account. Once you are ready, we will give you a "pay-as-you-go" account. In this way you are in full control of the cost. 

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Use JESS with DesignBuilder
Run simulation on JESS from DesignBuilder


Supported Software

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